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Property Management Company &
Expats Services

A family run property management company that helps you rent your property and increase your revenue — hassle free.

Our Services

Whether you are an owner looking to maximize capacity and profits or an expat looking to rent a flat – we can help you.


Rent or manage my property

This service is idea for owners. We help you find great tenants and make sure you receive the highest rent.


Help me find and rent a flat

This service is ideal for both expats and locals. We help you with search, contracts and translations.


Evacanza has years of experience working with partners in short & long-term rentals.

Save time and money finding trusted tenants.

We understand that time is money that is why busy landlords like yourself, trust us to find reliable tenants – fast. Evacanza helps you find or evict tenants, as well as property fixes, working with contractor and legal advice.